6 Little Known Facts About Greenwood Tree Farm

6 Little Known Facts About Greenwood Tree Farm

6 Little Known Facts About Greenwood Tree Farm

Every year, hundreds of people flock to Greenwood Tree Farm during the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas tree, trust us, there’s something here for everyone. Some folks simply love to walk around our eleven acres of trees and enjoy the outdoors. It is an experience that can be spent with the entire family, including your leashed furry friend. Our goal is to make you, our guest, happy. A lot of work goes into making that happen. Below, we’ve included some things you may not have known about Greenwood Tree Farm—until now.

1. We work all year, prepping for the holiday season

We prepare all year long getting ready for opening day. The warm weather months are spent hand trimming trees and mowing around out growing Christmas trees. As the weather cools off we start to make bows and organize our advertising and retail section of our Christmas shop.

2. Our workers are truly the backbone of our success

Once November rolls around, we bring in an invaluable team of workers to help up start decorating wreaths and greenery. Even though we spend all year tending to growing trees it is the little details that pile up in the last few days before opening.

3. They’re pretty talented, too

We have many wonderful workers who can create beautiful holiday décor. This includes mantle covers, kissing balls, and beautiful centerpieces. If there’s something you need made for the holidays, we can probably help.

4. Managing the tree farm is hard work, but we don’t mind!

Despite all of the hard work, we have found that we enjoy the holiday season immensely, as do our three young children. While having a tree farm requires a lot of work, it is immensely rewarding at the end of the day to help bring the holiday spirit to the people that visit our farm.

5. Our honey is made by bee experts—US!

We have been in the beekeeping business for over fifty years and are proud to offer a full line of our varietal honeys to sample and purchase.

6. Our yummy cider is locally produced

A neat little fact is the cider we serve comes from a local orchard that our family business has been pollinating since my grandfather (who will be 90 this winter) started his bee business in Billerica many years ago.

Don’t forget! Guests can visit Greenwood Tree Farm Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and on the weekends from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Don’t forget to check-in on Facebook while shopping for your Christmas tree to get five dollars off of your purchase!