6 Reasons You Need To Visit Greenwood Tree Farm ASAP

Outdoor Family Choosing Christmas Tree Together

Outdoor Family Choosing Christmas Tree Together

With Christmas right around the corner, getting into the holiday spirit has never been easier here at Greenwood Tree Farm. We absolutely love this time of year. Every year, we do our best to make our visitors feel right at home. If you haven’t visited us before, you’re in for a real treat. We have so much to offer. Below, we’ve included all the reasons why you should make your next trip to Greenwood Tree Farm here in beautiful Billerica, Massachusetts.

1. Beautiful Fresh Cut Trees

We have a huge selection of the freshest pre-cut Christmas trees at the best prices in the Boston area. Of the 400 to 500 trees harvested on our farm in Western New York this year, over half are 9 feet in height!

2. Complimentary Hot Cider

Our hot cider is absolutely yummy—even if we say so ourselves. We have been offering this liquid goodness for years as a way to keep our customers warm as they search for the perfect tree or wreath at our farm.

3. Fresh Honey

We promise once you try our honey, it will be the best you have ever tasted! We have been in the beekeeping business for over fifty years and are proud to offer a full line of our varietal honeys to sample and purchase.

4. Adorable Christmas Tree Shop

When guests visit our shop, they’ll find a large variety of Christmas ornaments, beeswax candles, warm apple cider donuts, and festive holiday jewelry. Our shop also contains many of the convenient items to help you get your Christmas tree and house decorated, including tree stands, wreath hangers, and the bags of Christmas tree food. We are also excited to be presenting the work of some local artists, who will be offering some of their beautiful creations for sale at our farm this holiday season.

5. Petting Area With Goats

Our goats are extremely friendly, they have made a wonderful addition to our farm. We brought them home to our farm during the summer of 2013, so they were able to meet our tree clientele during our farms 2013 season. We do hope to debut some new animals at our farm for the 2015 season, so stay tuned!

6. We Care About Our Customers!

When guests come to our farm, we want their experience to be one they’ll want to tell their friends about. We are also more than happy to work with our customers–especially if they have a special color scheme they’d like to have incorporated into their greenery purchase. They can also contact us ahead of time to place a custom greenery order. Our number is: (978) 667-5380.

Guests can visit Greenwood Tree Farm Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and on the weekends from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Don’t forget to check-in on Facebook while shopping for your Christmas tree to get five dollars off of your purchase!